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Personal Project 2018

This project is a self-portrait that reflects my experience as an international
student immersed in the vibrant and diverse cultural landscape of London.

The city, known for its rich tapestry of cultures and lifestyles, has had a profound
impac on my perspective and artistic expression. Particularly, my time spent in the London Underground has been a source of inspiration. The Tube, a melting pot of activities and interactions, offers a unique glimpse into the city's dynamic life.
Observing people engaging in various activities-whether it's sharing a moment of affection, enjoying music, or simply the casual act of drinking a beer-has highlighted contrasts and similarities with my own cultural background. In this illustration, I have endeavored to capture myself amidst the whirl of London culture, surrounded by
objects and characters that resonate with my identity.

This artwork is a celebration of the diversity that defines London as well as a personal reflection on my journey of cultural integration and understanding. 

Mardi Mercredi

Client Project 2022

Fashion Illustration for Mardi Mercredi, a fashion brand based in Seoul.


Personal Project 2018


Personal Project 2020