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2019 (3months project)
This project represents an exploration and expression of my identity through the transition from a background in fashion design to a new direction in graphic communication. It draws upon Harakenya's philosophy, centering around the concept of 'emptiness'. According to Harakenya, emptiness signifies the potential for newness to be filled. This parallels the Buddhist notion of emptying oneself to achieve a state of true acceptance. 'Emptiness', in Korean, is 'Bium'. Inspired by this word and its meaning, I embarked on this branding project. The project seeks to blend the two disciplines, encapsulating my perspective and philosophy. In the branding process, the concept of 'emptiness' plays a pivotal role in both design and communication, focusing on exploring possibilities for new creation.

Being empty implies the potential that everything can be there. To show ‘emptiness’ that can capture a variety of messages without expressing a strong message.

- Kenya Hara